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AFT honors winners of Prize for Solution-Driven Unionism

A consortium of New York City public schools that has achieved outstanding results by stressing in-depth teaching over high-stakes testing, and a coalition of state workers that saved Connecticut $1.6 billion through a new preventive healthcare plan, are the winners of the AFT's inaugural Prize for Solution-Driven Unionism.


Remake Your Classroom

Remake Your Classroom – from

1. Get Students Involved

Students are your primary users and should be at the center of such a remake process. To begin building excitement, reach out to them early and invite them to a weekend session at school (or someone's garage) where they can be involved from the beginning. Here are some specific ways to involve students:

Create Visual Inspiration


Survey: US parents prefer public schools to other choices

A new nationwide survey shows that parents overwhelmingly believe that strong neighborhood public schools are a better choice for our children than vouchers or charter schools.

“Parents believe that public schools are the single most important institution for their community and for the nation,” said Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan. “This survey shows that 77 percent of American parents support public schools, an opinion that cuts across political and class lines.”


Common Core: Do What It Takes Before High Stakes

In her latest column appearing in the New York Times, AFT president Randi Weingarten writes about the promise—and the possible pitfalls—of the new Common Core State Standards. If implemented properly—namely, by ensuring that frontline educators are prepared to teach these rigorous new standards—we can provide all children with the problem-solving, critical-thinking and teamwork skills they need to compete in today’s changing world. If not, they will end up in the dustbin of abandoned reforms. Read her full column.